Periwinkle Classroom

Periwinkle Room (Preschool 3 – 4 years)

DSC04137The Periwinkle Room is a place of exploration and discovery. A place where each child can find their own unique spot within a community of learners. Where a child’s individual needs are understood and nurtured.          Our classroom design embraces children’s natural sense of wonder and curiosity, offering a wide variety of materials and activities each and every day.

The Periwinkle Room follows an emergent curriculum model, which is central to Nonotuck’s philosophy of education. This approach focuses on designing learning experiences that are responsive to children’s interests and ideas. We don’t subscribe to a pre-planned set of lessons, but rather design the curriculum in real time, based on close observation of the children. Project investigations can last anywhere from a couple of weeks to several months, depending on the children’s needs and interest level.
When designing curriculum around a specific topic of study, we cover all learning areas: social/emotional; cognitive; literacy; language; mathematics; physical; science/technology; social studies; and the arts. We offer developmentally appropriate, open-ended activities, materials, and experiences that help build skills across all of these domains.
Preschool is a critical time for a child’s social/emotional development. This is why it is at the center of all we do in the Periwinkle Room. Throughout the year, we help the children gain important social skills; whether it be learning to correctly identify a variety of emotions or becoming well versed in positive conflict resolution.
The Periwinkle Room is a child-centered, hands on, inclusive environment where we embrace every day with wonder. As teachers, we work hard to foster a caring and comfortable environment from which to explore the world.

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