Polliwog Classroom

DSCN5862TODDLER 1: Ages 15-24 months

As the teachers of the youngest children at Nonotuck, we are privileged to witness our children develop from crawling to walking upright, from putting things in their mouths to speaking words, from using their bodies for sitting to running after a ball, and from focusing on play as individuals to expanding their awareness ofDSCN6282 others.

We create activities and experiences that support children’s natural development and stimulate thinking, problem-solving, and creativity while supporting their social and emotional development and building community.


Children have time for free play, using the sensory table which may include sand or water play or a surprise! There’s an art project to join and soft climbing apparatus for exercising growing muscles and balance.

IMG_2273Mid-morning a light breakfast is served for everyone to enjoy.  After eating we get to go outside to the ‘little kids’ playground. In bad weather we play in the indoor Community Room. When we come back inside children are invited to join ‘circle time’ where we sit together (those of us who can!) and share a song or a story or an activity.


After lunch, children are helped to relax on their mats and most fall asleep easily. When we wake up, afternoon snack is offered, and there is more free play until it’s time to go home. Diapers are changed in the classroom and children are helped using the potty when parents let us know they are ready to start. The Polliwog classroom is a nurturing, appropriately challenging, and safe environment with a curriculum serving toddlers as young individuals who grow and transform before our eyes!