Frog & Toad Classrooms

TODDLER II: Ages 2-3 years

Toddlers are capable human beings who are in the developmental process of learning about their world: the environment, people, things, how ‘it’ all works!  In working out who they are in relation to other people, toddlers are doing crucial work.  They are developing social strategies, basic language skills, physical ability and agility, and emotional well-being. The are learning how things react: will the ball roll every time the same way? will the water always spill off the table? will the play doh hold its shape? These things are figured out during the experience of play, which is the work of the young child.

100_3992As teachers, we provide the children with a rich, safe, and highly accessible environment where they are invited to explore, examine, discover, and have fun, including getting messy. We try to maintain a “controlled environment” where just about anything (within reason) can and does happen. We take many of our leads for planning curriculum from the children themselves. We have a broad range of developmental ages, stages, and abilities in our room, so we have to provide a wide range of activities and experiences. We try at every step to maximize the opportunities the children have with us and to operate within a range that is comfortable for them while simultaneously encouraging them to stretch and grow.

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