Parent Cooperative

Co-op Work Requirements

As members of the Nonotuck parent cooperative, families are required to fulfill various work commitments throughout the year as a way of having a closer involvement with the school and supporting staff. These requirements are:

  • An Average of 3 co-op hours per month
  • Two 2-hour cleaning sessions

Co-op hours:                                                                                                                 Families are assigned a co-op job with the guidance of the Parent Liaison during the summer. Parent jobs vary in terms of skill level and flexibility and include such things as teaching music in the classrooms, taking home the laundry, removing our recycling or tech support for the office.

In addition to your co-op job, families are encouraged to do odd jobs around the school. These might include helping out at a social event, helping out at a Parent Work Day, or doing other tasks with which the teachers and director need assistance. Co-op jobs are not likely to fulfill three hours of work a month, so families will likely need to sign up for odd jobs to fulfill the rest of your co-op obligation. Odd jobs opportunities will be posted in the building and often emailed.

At the end of each month, families fill out a form documenting the hours they worked in that month and return it to the Parent Liaison.

Nonotuck’s coop year is divided into semesters:

  • 1st Semester: August 1- December 31
  • 2nd Semester: January 1-June 30th

Parents are strongly encouraged to complete their (3) co-op hours each month for consistency and routine. However, monthly co-op hours can be carried over in each semester if necessary. Each family must document 15 hours for the 1st semester and 18 hours for the second semester. If families are unable to document those hours, they will be charged $25.00 an hour for each hour they are short.

Cleaning Sessions (2 two-hour sessions per year)                                                   Twice a year each family will sign up for a two-hour cleaning session, in the early evening after school. This extra cleaning focuses on toys and shelves and the sorts of things our daily janitorial service doesn’t get to.

For questions about your co-op hours, please contact the Parent Liaison at [email protected] .

Use the link below to report your monthly co-op hours, cleaning social participation and fall/spring cleaning day participation.