Art & Yoga & Cooking

All children have an opportunity to do yoga and other structured movement programs in their classrooms, outside, and in our spacious indoor play space, the Community Room.   Taught by our classroom teachers and parents with yoga experience, everyone from our littlest toddlers to our Pre-K students have a chance to roll out a mat and try a new pose.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Children learn poses and are read stories that relate to them.  Patience, poise, balance, strength, and community are all emphasized.  And let’s not forget that it’s fun!                           IMG_2292






Water Color Painting

Water Color Painting

In addition to the art and craft work that is done in the classroom, we have an designated art studio and art teacher.  The studio allows for a small group of children to work on long-term projects that may take several visits to complete.  Children who stay with us until 5:30 also have access to the studio, under the guidance of our trained art teacher.  Children have worked on studies of individual artists and have had hands-on experiences with many different forms of media.

Our teachers also cook with children on a regular basis and our hallways are often filled with the wonderful scent of apple pie, pumpkin bread, and blueberry pancakes!