Chameleon Classroom

PRESCHOOL II: Ages 4-5 years

IMGP7482 In the Chameleon Room we work to create a classroom culture of love and respect for each child and their individual ideas, thoughts and needs. In addition to the designated areas for blocks, art, math, dramatic play, we have a large writing center to encourage the children to incorporate writing into their play. Children learn to write their names, recognize letters and the sounds they make, and deepen their understanding about how writing and reading are connected.

IMGP4973The Chameleon Room also looks at the calendar during circle time, as four-year-olds are interested in numbers and sequence.  In each of these areas children are gaining skills that will help them on their path to kindergarten including social skills, math skills, and early literacy. We also utilize an extensive outdoor classroom including our playgrounds, walks around the neighborhood, and gardening in the spring and summer!

We introduce teacher-generated ideas and curriculum, as well as building on themes that emerge from the children’s play and ideas. We encourage children to share their thoughts and ideas about what they would like to learn. Having children contribute their ideas to the curriculum and co-construct play environments creates an enriched classroom culture in which they develop the understanding that their thoughts and ideas are important and respected. Throughout the school year we invite families to be a part of the classroom, we visit a local nursing home, take field trips to museums and local places of interest, and we read chapter books and themed folk tales from around the world. Children leave the Chameleon Room with a love of learning, enthusiasm about schooling, and the skills to do well when they enter kindergarten the following year.